Experience & Qualifications

BioGiene are proud to support our people from the bottom to the top.

Our commitment to the following areas ensure your brand is protected.




Human Resources

Commitment to Training

BioGiene proudly maintains a range of Company Certifications and Qualifications:

  • ISO Certified Systems (Quality 9001:2015 & Safety 45001:2018)
  • Qualified and industry experienced management & support across our organisation – Operations, HR, WHS, Training, QA are all highly experienced and qualified in their areas, and maintain current certification where relevant.
  • Qualified Lead Auditors across Australia & New Zealand.
  • Site Specific Integrated Management Systems mean the whole team is trained for individual site processes, and qualified in relevant systems.

Diverse and sophisticated labour sourcing programs allow us to access and attract a wider range of more talented cleaning staff, than most of our clients thought possible

Commitment to Excellence (Workplace Health and Safety)

Injury Management

BioGiene has implemented a formal injury management department, to ensure we our people are well cared for, and to keep individual wellbeing foremost in our priorities.

Commitment to Our Environment

BioGiene recognises the impact that humans can have on our natural environment, and seeks to minimise and reduce harm wherever possible. Our dedication to continuous improvement, and environmental awareness can also lead to opportunities for:


  • Water efficiency and reductions
  • Chemical efficiency and proper disposal
  • Protection of people and equipment

Commitment to Strategic HR & Compliance

Human Resources are integral to our effectiveness, so we take care of our people, and ensure they are well trained, and well cared for.  This has reduced our staff turnover rate significantly, and our team enjoys a long working relationship with us.

Aligning the business and HR strategies has proven to achieve results, so we have developed robust pre-employment programs, training plans, succession planning and staff development plans.

All recruitment and selection procedures and decisions reflect BioGiene’s commitment to providing equal opportunity by assessing all candidates per their skills, knowledge, qualifications and capabilities.

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