Our Suppliers

BioGiene utilises advanced methods,
and our network of sophisticated
business partners and relationships
to add further value to your cleaning.

The Open Plant Cleaning System (OPCS)

BioGiene have unique and direct access to these systems direct from Europe, without the need to source through distributors or retail equipment resellers, which ensures our clients a more competitive buying price than otherwise achievable.

The advantages of using these systems are many, with our clients receiving benefits such as:

  • Higher Cleaning Standards
  • Improved Cleaning Efficiency
  • Reduced Use of Chemicals
  • Less Down Time
  • Reduced Surface Damage
  • Lower Equipment Maintenance Costs
  • Less Water Wastage
  • Safer Cleaning Environment
  • More Productive Cleaning Staff

Advanced Sanitation Solutions

Through BioGiene’s network of relationships and business partners, we provide easy access to advanced sanitation products, chemicals,
consumables, and specialist cleaning technology.

Capable of both Clean In Place (CIP) and Clean Open Plant (COP) we access cutting-edge products and solutions, to modernise and enhance your cleaning process.

  • New technology – “Dry State” Residual Sanitation, Lasts up to 90 days
  • Non Toxic Monomolecular protection that kills bacteria
  • Specialised nozzles that optimize available water pressure
  • Progressive equipment to reduce waste, and maximize chemical usage

Take advantage of our incredible buying power,
with savings going directly toward your return on investment.


Now is the time to find out how BioGiene
can save you money and protect your brand.

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