Emergency Factory Cleaning & Pathogen Control

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    If your food factory or processing plant has been compromised, you need an effective, immediate action plan.


    BioGiene have both the required specialised staff and equipment to complete an emergency clean. We can effectively remove negative strains of bacteria, including those that have become resistant to QAC sanitisers.

    Depending on the pathogen, we can perform a once-off application with no resulting damage to equipment. We ensure that the chemicals are used to the correct specifications as stipulated by your chemical supplier or we can utilise our extensive resources to provide all chemicals and equipment as needed.

    With staff and equipment already located throughout Australia and New Zealand, an emergency factory clean from BioGiene may be the fastest, most effective solution to get your business running again.


    Contact our emergency cleaning team by emailing [email protected].

    Bacillus Cereus

    Clostridium Perfringens


    Staphylococcus Aureus

    Campylobacter Jejuni

    Escherichia Coli


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