Poultry and Hatchery Processing Plant Cleaning

Poultry and Hatchery Factory Cleaning

BioGiene are Poultry and Hatchery cleaning specialists. With high levels of investment in our people, our clients love working with the “BioGiene Person!”

Why our clients partner with BioGiene;

Our knowledge base and experience in Poultry Factory Cleaning makes BioGiene an ideal solution for food processing factories.

Highly qualified and dedicated account managers, with a full working knowledge of the Poultry Factory cleaning requirements, develop quality processes and services tailor made for your facility.

Utilising the encrypted and secure Biogiene Dashboard, are able to review water and chemical usage, temperature monitoring, labour safety and analysis as well as other site-specific information. Raw red meat presents unique challenges to meat processing plants as opposed to other food processing plants and require our teams to be specifically trained. Red meat processing involves a high chance of bacteria formation, and a regular, professional team familiar with your business, the facility and quality of processing is integral to removing bacteria from surfaces and utensils and to ensure food safety.

Integrated Management System

  • BioGiene works collaboratively with the client to provide an Integrated Management System tailored specifically to their Beef and Red Meat Factory cleaning requirements.
  • BioGiene IMS team & operational staff are recruited from the most experienced pool of industry professionals to ensure Work Instructions & Risk Assessments are delivered at the highest standard.
  • This ensures that the sanitation and hygiene program delivered to site meets all your auditable and legislative requirements.
  • BioGiene will liaise with the clients people to develop, measure and manage KPIs around food safety, chemicals, water, and other core metrics.

Cleaning Systems (OPCS & CIP)

BioGiene’s dedication to continuous improvement leads to opportunities for:

    • Water reductions
    • Chemical efficiency
    • Labour efficiency

BioGiene utilises our advanced methods, and our network of sophisticated business partners and relationships to add further value.

Proven Return on Investment

Our reputation and decades of experience speak for themselves.

With specialised equipment, proactive and transparent reporting and a unique recruiting and HR model, we believe BioGiene will be able to show a return on investment for any clients factory cleaning.


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